Saunas are used for health, beauty and relaxation. We no longer have to go to the SPA to enjoy it, as home saunas are becoming more and more popular. And we are no longer talking about traditional rooms with pine panelling, but about designer spaces, created for beauty seekers, where every single detail makes for their unique look. 

This is what sets ASENSO saunas apart. Their ambassador, the charismatic director of fashion shows and TV celebrity - Kasia Sokołowska, has always emphasized in the media her love of good design, art and architecture.

Producent saun domowych

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    Zalety sauny fińskiej

    Urban sauna collection

    A combination of cold, industrial and urban style with the hot element of the sauna. It is the favourite model of our ambassador, Kasia Sokołowska

    Organic sauna collection

    Idyllic atmosphere and design reminiscent of nature. In this model we combine organic forms and materials that we miss in our fast-paced everyday life. Hay, green leaves, wood - all this puts you in a relaxation mood. Organic is a tribute to nature. 

    Organic to ukłon w stronę natury.

    Sauna do domu organic camomile
    Sauna domowa glamour marble

    glamour sauna collection

    The play of light and reflections, the richness and variety of textures and the hidden beauty of natural materials. This elegant and luxurious collection delights with the brilliance of diamonds, classic gold and marble.

    scandi sauna collection

    Scandi is all about versatility and functionality. The simplicity and minimalism of expression encourages to combine this look with different styles, so that you never get bored with it. This sauna design will look great in a loft, classic or eclectic interior..
    sauna domowa scandi ljus

    Discover exclusive saunas for your home

    A moment of blissful relaxation that is also good for your health? Many people are looking for such experiences, and with ASENSO saunas they are possible for everyone! ASENSO is a renowned sauna manufacturer domowych ogrodowych, które wyróżniają się gustownym designem, ekologicznymi materiałami, a także wieloma pozytywnymi właściwościami zdrowotnymi. Teraz nie musisz nawet wychodzić z domu, by doświadczyć wszystkich zalet tego wyjątkowego pomieszczenia.

    Experienced manufacturer of indoor and outdoor saunas

    More and more people are aware of the positive effects brought by the use of saunas, and decide to install them in their own homes and apartments. Saunas at home, outdoor and other strengthen the immune system, harden the body, and also help relieve the symptoms of many chronic diseases. What's more, time spent in the sauna allows us to rest - we can relax and calm down away from all the distractions. Now each of our clients can break away from everyday life and enter the magical world of blissful relaxation. At ASENSO we take care of every detail of our products. That is why our finished saunas are made from environmentally friendly materials and are user-friendly. One of the key components we use during construction is environmentally friendly expanded cork. This material works well as an insulating element, and thanks to its unique properties perfectly transmits water vapor, while protecting against excessive absorption of raw materials.

    Customised premium home saunas

    Warto pamiętać, że w ASENSO dbamy nie tylko o jak najlepszą funkcjonalność naszych saun domowych ogrodowych, ale również o ich wyjątkowy wygląd. Właśnie dlatego każda z naszych saun na wymiar została stworzona we współpracy z topowymi projektantami oraz z przywiązaniem do najmniejszych detali. W naszej ofercie znajduje się kilka kolekcji przewodnich – Scandi, Organic, Glamour oraz Urban. Prezentują one odmienne odsłony światowego designu, dzięki czemu odpowiadają na zróżnicowane potrzeby i gusta naszych Klientów.

    The Scandi collection combines simple forms and materials that look great in both loft and classic interiors. Individual models are made in various shades of wood, which is great breaks the minimalist style and introduces an element of warmth and comfort to the room. At the same time makes it extremely easy to fit these saunas into any interior. For fans of industrial and expressive style we prepared a series of Urban, which combines bold forms and unique colors. Thus, it becomes a perfect complement of modern interiors and meets the needs of modern clients. The Glamour line is distinguished by the richness of materials and textures, which perfectly harmonize with each other and create a truly luxurious home sauna. In contrast, we have the Organic collection, which evokes the power of nature and, as the name suggests, is based on organic forms.

    Please note that the construction of saunas and the type of their placement in the room also affects their appearance. Our customers can opt for recessed variants, corner, as well as freestanding. Each of the versions can be created in different dimensions, tailored to individual needs. With different configurations and styles, our customers have over 200 different models to choose from. Want to know more details about the dimensional home and garden saunas we offer? Do not wait and contact us! The ASENSO team will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose products that will perfectly fit your interior.