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The heating element in the saunas from the Organic collection are heaters with an openwork cover through which stones are visible. The saunas take you to the world of nature, they are an oasis of peace and relaxation. The meticulously designed interiors of our Organic saunas with ornamental accents of chamomile flowers, leaves and greenery make for an idyllic, blissful atmosphere. The decorations on the sauna walls are not random, they are evocative of the patterns found in the world of nature that surrounds us. The lamp in the shape of a circle resembles the sun - the life-giver for every living creature on Earth, and complements the experience of a hot bath, which strengthens immunity and gives vitality and energy. Even such fine details as the illuminated hygrometer and thermometer that resemble irregular stones perfectly match the design of our Organic saunas.

Sauny Glamour Diamond
Sauna glamour Diamond
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Th Glamour Diamond and Gold saunas are complemented by chic heaters which add elegance and charm to the overall look with their original design. The Glamour Marble sauna has a heater with marble housing that adds a touch of prestige and sophistication. You can also equip all saunas from the Glamour collection with infrared heaters to add an additional functionality of the Infrared sauna. The heaters made of quartz glass emit infrared radiation in the IR-A, IR-B, IR-C wavelength. A special glass filter disc disperses the infrared radiation evenly and protects the device against moisture.

Sauny Glamour Gold
Domowa sauna Glamour Gold
Sauny do domu Glamour Gold

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The multifunctional ASENSO controller not only enables to control the temperature in the sauna, but also creates a unique atmosphere with original lighting in the shape of cosmic circles, diamond streams of light or golden reflections behind the backrests of the benches. Large glazed surfaces in the Diamond sauna are decorated with sand-blasted elements resembling diamonds. The Gold sauna features decorative strips that shimmer with golden reflections and add an air of nobility and splendor. The Marble sauna has lighting evocative of the full moon, which highlights its uniqueness and adds a little bit of extravagance to your home SPA zone.

Sauna domowa glamour marble
Sauna domowa glamour marble z elementami marmuru
Elegancka sauna domowa glamour marble