Transfer your garden into a perfect leisure space for you and your loved ones

The design of the outdoor sauna combined with simplicity and functionality, will perfectly fit into your garden. The modern combination of concrete, wood and glass merges the Scandinavian and industrial style, resulting in a modern look with a unique ambience.


Create your own personal world of sensations with our saunas

You can choose the size of the sauna that suits your needs. The available options include saunas with a vestibule in the Mini and Maxi versions, and saunas without a vestibule in the Midi version. Each of them is equipped with the Iki heater, which is the heart of the sauna that provides pleasant warmth.

Sauny ogrodowe


The interior of the outdoor sauna is illuminated by a glass panel in the lower part of the room and LEDs placed under the lower benches. The glazed wall in the shape of a circle opens up to overlook the garden, letting in plenty of natural light.

Sauny zewnętrzne producent

Stylish design of the garden spa in line with current trends

Garden saunas are an increasingly popular solution appearing on properties. They are an ideal alternative to the SPA area in the hotel, and allow you to experience a little luxury on your own plot. Modern saunas for the garden take very different forms, so the owner of the land can choose exactly the style of the object, which hits his tastes.


Each outdoor sauna created by our company is a combination of functionality with stylish design for the 21st century. The use of wood and concrete allows you to get an interesting design, which will blend into almost any garden. Whether you live by the sea or in the mountains - saunas outside available in our offer will work perfectly in any environment.


Exterior garden saunas produced by Asenso are different from the classic structures of this type. In the case of the Scandi Outdoor sauna, inside a large concrete tube is placed modern equipment that allows you to comfortably take steam baths. Available models come in different sizes, so you can easily choose the one most suitable for your property.

Sauny na zewnątrz

Why should you bet on our saunas for your garden?

As a manufacturer of outdoor saunas we make sure that the offered structures are elegant, durable and functional. These are actually year-round sauna houses, resistant to weather conditions such as rain, snow, or wind. They are a great alternative to the classic rooms of this type used indoors. 


Garden saunas allow you to save space and thoughtfully use the outdoor space. They are also an interesting element of the arrangement of the entire area, which is facilitated by a large, glazed wall in the shape of a circle (in the case of Scandi Outdoor) or rectangle (in the case of Urban Outdoor).



Such a private SPA garden is a shot in the arm for people who do not have space at home, and would like to enjoy the benefits of high temperatures in close surroundings. Invest in such a structure allows you to save time and money, which would have to be spent on using the public saunas in hotels, spa facilities or swimming pools. This is a kind of luxury, so if you like to take care of your body and soul, it is worth betting on your own sauna to the garden.