Scandi saunas

Collection scandi ljus

Ljus Scandi-style sauna in light colour scheme – aspen wood. Horizontally mounted 3D panels enhance the visual effect of the lines.
The Scandi collection is all about simplicity and functionality. It was designed so as to make you feel extremely comfortable and allow you to adjust individual elements of the sauna to your needs. Now you can enjoy your own personal sauna that meets your expectations. You can easily adapt the layout and order accessories for people with disabilities.

sauna domowa scandi ljus
sauna domowa scandi ljus

Scandi mork saunas

The Scandi collection features dual-purpose heaters and offers the possibility of matching additional accessories for herbal and aroma baths. You can enjoy the benefits of both the Finnish sauna and the Bi-O sauna. You can also equip the sauna with infrared heaters to add an additional functionality of the Infrared sauna. The heaters made of quartz glass emit infrared radiation in the IR-A, IR-B, IR-C wavelength. A special glass filter disc disperses the infrared radiation evenly and protects the device against moisture.

sauna domowa scandi mork
sauna domowa scandi mork

Scandi brun saunas

Brun Scandi-style sauna in deep brown shades – abachi thermo wood.
The multifunctional ASENSO controller not only enables to control the temperature in the sauna, but also creates a unique atmosphere with the play of lights. There is an illuminated, decorative glass panel with nature-inspired ornaments on the ceiling, and adjustable LED lighting under the bench. Glazing was also used for the front wall flush with the door, which added lightness to the entire structure. The design will perfectly match your personal home SPA or bathing room and visually open up the space.

Sauna domowa scandi brun