Urban saunas

Collection urban black

In our concept, Urban saunas are something clean and minimalist. We have combined the cold, industrial, urban style with the hot element of the sauna. We want interior design adapted to the modern world of technologies, media and fast cars. We offer three classic variants: black, grey and pure white. In line with the principle “less is more”, you can choose perfectly smooth plywood in unicolour, or opt for a textured version that adds style and elegance to the look. To emphasise the cold design, we can also finish the sauna walls with raw stone, which will introduce a loft atmosphere. Let the sauna blend in with the interior design of your home.

sauna domowa urban black
sauna domowa urban black
sauna domowa urban black

Urban white saunas

The multifunctional ASENSO controller not only enables to control the temperature in the sauna, but also creates a unique atmosphere with the play of lights. The sauna ceiling has symmetrically arranged lighting, the simplicity of which adds a touch of elegance. As a tribute to white architecture, we have introduced large glazed surfaces in the sauna, which will perfectly fit your personal home SPA or bathing room and visually open up the space.

Biała sauna domowa urban white​
Sauna biała do domu urban white​
Sauny domowe Urban white​ od Asenso

Urban grey saunas

Heaters from the S-line collection, finished with Cubius stones of regular shapes, perfectly match and highlight the Urban design. We offer several colour schemes: for Urban Black we chose a matt black variant of both the heater housing and the stones, for Urban Grey – an anthracite shade of the heater with natural-coloured stones, and for Urban White – a new option – a snow-white heater combined with white stones. The cubist design highlights the modern style of the Urban saunas. For the Mythos line, you can choose steamers and transform the raw Finnish sauna into a friendly, aromatic steam bath. You can also equip your Urban sauna with infrared heaters to add an additional functionality of the Infrared sauna. The heaters made of quartz glass emit infrared radiation in the IR-A, IR-B, IR-C wavelength. A special glass filter disc disperses the infrared radiation evenly and protects the device against moisture.

Sauna domowa urban grey​
sauna domowa urban grey