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Our tree-planting campaign is over – the ASENSO Forest is climbing!


In cooperation with Treedom, we finance the “ASENSO Forest” agro-forestry project in various regions of the world. For each purchased ASENSO sauna, a tree is planted in Guatemala or Madagascar, which you can then follow online. It allows you to make an amazing journey to distant corners of the world without leaving home.


Your tree will be planted, geolocated and photographed by a farmer in Guatemala or Madagascar. You can follow its history at asensosa.com or treedom.net, learn more about it and even name it.

Each Treedom tree has its own story!

Treedom is the only platform in the world that allows to plant a tree in a remote way and follow it online. All trees are planted directly by small farmers, which brings ecological and social benefits to their communities. In order to ensure transparency and the possibility of virtual participation in the project, each planted tree is photographed, geolocated and displayed on the website. Regular updates keep you informed about tree-planting initiatives in the selected region.